The Labour Party are Evil: Official

I’m sure that everyone in Britain was glued to Labour’s Queen’s Speech Broadcast last night. For the one or two unlucky souls that missed it, it was five minutes of telling us how great the country is under Labour and how new measures such as removing trial by jury will make it even better.
At the end, they displayed a number to which you could send an SMS message with your comments on the country and I, being in that kind of mood last night, decided to send "Resign. You’re a disgrace".
My SMS message alert is one that did the rounds in our office a while back, consisting of a Yoda-like voice saying "Mmm! Message from the Dark Side you have". Five minutes after I’d send the text, the tone went off. I checked my messages and found the following:
Thanks for your text. We will do our best to reply but cannot guarantee this. We may contact you on this number in future, test TALK SOP to 62233 to opt out.
The sender was "LabourParty".
So it’s official, Labour are the Dark Side.
If you want to experience this for yourself, text "TALK" plus your message to 62233. Have fun!
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