Firefox / IE JavaScript compatibility

The ever-excellent Dare Obasanjo posted a comment yesterday about event compatibility between IE and Mozilla. Basically, IE uses a function called attachEvent to add an event to an element dynamically, but FF et al use the W3C-specifed addEventListener.
Luckily, Mozilla supports a really great system for extending object prototypes so you can roll your own attachEvent function and use that syntax exclusively rather than wrapping everything in a "if (window.addEventListener)" block.
Something like this should work. It won’t create 100% compatibility but you’re well on the way.
if (window.addEventListener)
   window.attachEvent =
   HTMLDocument.prototype.attachEvent =
   HTMLElement.prototype.attachEvent =
   function(name, handler) {
      this.addEventListener(name.slice(2), handler, true);
   window.removeEvent =
   HTMLDocument.prototype.removeEvent =
   HTMLElement.prototype.removeEvent =
   function(name, handler) {
      this.removeEventListener(name.slice(2), handler, true);

In my own systems I use a rather more complex version that deals rather better with mouse events, but it’s a bit much code to put in here.
On another note, surely the reverse of "attachEvent" should be "detachEvent", not "removeEvent"?
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