So long suckers!

We got an email from our General Manager yesterday afternoon, passing on a message from the bigwigs at EDS:

Thank you to the Medas team who have demonstrated professionalism and dedication throughout the length of the agreement. We are proud of having made such a success of one of the first instances of Government business process outsourcing, and therefore very disappointed at the BBC’s decision not to continue their relationship with us.

We await a clear statement from Xansa regarding their plans for this contract, prior to any changes being made.

Doug Hoover
Vice President & Managing Director, UKIMEA

There now follows a translation:

Thank you to the Medas team for allowing me to buy a new yacht. I’d hoped to be able to afford a bigger one soon, but those swine at the BBC have scuppered that plan.

As soon as we hear from Xansa, we’ll tell you that you’re all screwed and that it’s nothing to do with us. So long, suckers!

Stuffed Suit
Fat Cat in charge of Cream

Cynical? Me?
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1 Response to So long suckers!

  1. Andy says:

    I think you forgot to add the "Yeee hawwww, Don\’t mess with Texas" tag line  to his statement, otherwise it\’s probably a pretty accurate transaltion.

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