Daily Mail values on the BBC?

There’s a very worrying article from the Guardian saying that a BBC editor is suggesting that the beeb should reflect public opinion better. One quote in particular, "Contributors from Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool and London named among their heroes Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn, for telling it like it is" makes me cringe. For those of you lucky enough to live in a country where it doesn’t exist, the Daily Mail is a vehicle for savageness and intolerance, and Littlejohn is famed for exemplifying those values.
The article goes on to say, ‘They were concerned about political correctness, "stranger danger", the "death of childhood", lack of respect in society, law and order, local poverty, debt and poor maternity care. But respondents also felt comfortable saying they did not care about Aids or Africa – highlighting a gap between local and global concerns’. Can you believe it? What’s more worrying is that the BBC might actually go down such a path and we end up with programmes telling mothers they should stay at home, hanging and flogging should be re-introduced, poor people are worthless and that we shouldn’t trust each other. Oh, and that it’s the darkies’ fault they’re starving and dying – they were better off in the British Empire, you know.
The BBC has a history of highlighting world problems; it was a series of reports on the famine in Ethiopia that led to the original Live Aid concert. To suggest that coverage of Africa should be curtailed because of the views of a bunch of bigots is outrageous. The Corporation is already dumbing-down its news output but to pander to the wants of people like Littlejohn would be horrific.
Hopefully this suggestion will be treated with the derision it deserves.
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