I think I’ve kicked the habit

It’s been a month now since I did a Sudoku puzzle.
At one point I was doing three or four a day, but I think I just got fed up. After all, you always know you’re going to be able to finish a puzzle eventually and it can get a bit frustrating when you get stuck. I remember having the same sort of experience with logic puzzles a few years ago.
My new fill-up-the-rest-of-the-journey-when-I-have-read-the-paper activity is the cryptic crossword. Not that I’m any good at them. For the record, I read the Guardian, and on some of them I can get up to about ten clues whereas most of the time I get diddly squat.
The obvious difference between a crossword and a Sudoku puzzle is that you are never guaranteed to finish the former – or even start it. That can be very irritating at times, but on the other hand, the "Oh of course" moment when you see the answers the next day makes up for it. Having said that, I get the occasional word I’ve not heard of and that is very annoying. I’m proud of my vocabulary and don’t like being reminded it could still be improved!
Today, I didn’t get any clues at all. Maybe I should go back to Sudoku?
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