Fun… at first.

There’s a valuable lesson that I would like to share with you. Most people my age will already know it, but since most of the population on here seems to be under 18, it’s worth putting on. The lesson is this:
Never complain about having a hangover – it’s your own fault.
The reason for sharing this information is, you’ll be shocked to hear, that I have a stonking hangover. After yesterday’s announcement, most of the company decamped to the pub over the road to share thoughts and opinions on what it means for us all.
Suffice it to say that a crack team of hardened alcoholics, myself included, turned a quick trip over the road into a lengthy attempt to kill off as many brain cells as possible. I can’t remember either exactly when I left the pub or how much I’d drunk, and these are not good signs. I do remember looking at my watch at one point and being rather surprised to find out that it was only 7.30 and I was already pretty drunk.
Still. It’s not something I do very often and it was good fun at the time. The attached picture of Steve and Robin will give you some idea of the atmosphere. Sorry boys!
And remember kids, binge drinking isn’t clever. Even if it’s fun!
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1 Response to Fun… at first.

  1. denise says:

     nice space,,,, as for being under 18 ,,i wish ,,,
    xx dee

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