And the winner is…

Xansa are the preferred supplier for the BBC finance contract.
Never heard of them? You’re not alone.
The full press realease from the BBC is here, but in a nutshell, the transaction processing part of the business is going to be based in India and "customer-facing" stuff is going to stay in Britain – at a "blend of locations", whatever that means.
Theirs was a joint bid with Siemens, so our IT people (myself included) will be going to them. Bang goes any immediate prospect of a nice redundancy deal.
What does this say about the EDS bid? Well given that they’ve had ten years doing the job, the bid must have been pretty poor to lose. Not that anybody here is surprised – our parent company have a pretty poor reputation at Medas and the thought that they screwed up is easy to fit into our heads.
One surprising aspect is that the new contract is also ten years in length, when we’d been expecting 3-5 years. Mind you, that thought came from EDS people so it’s hardly surprising it was so wrong.
We won’t know more until the contract is actually signed. That should happen on November 3, unless anything major happens in the meantime.
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