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Handy CSS Stuff

This site has some good examples of how to do some common layouts in CSS rather than using the evil TABLE tag.   At least, a lot of people claim it’s evil. I’m not sure why table-less tables are necessarily … Continue reading

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Men are the worst patients

There’s something strange about men. Given a physical injury we’re stoic to the point of stupidity (see the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail). Given a silly little virus on the other hand, we turn into big babies, desperately … Continue reading

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Localising JavaScript

Okay it’s about time we had a code-related post.   So here’s the scenario. You’ve built your nice, localised .NET web app, tried changing your language to French and been duly satisfied when all your text changes correctly. Then you … Continue reading

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Daily Mail values on the BBC?

There’s a very worrying article from the Guardian saying that a BBC editor is suggesting that the beeb should reflect public opinion better. One quote in particular, "Contributors from Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool and London named among their heroes Daily Mail … Continue reading

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Poppy Time

I bought my poppy this morning.   For those who don’t know, the poppy appeal raised funds for the Royal British Legion who help support war veterans. Whether or not you support current British foreign policy (and I for one … Continue reading

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So long suckers!

We got an email from our General Manager yesterday afternoon, passing on a message from the bigwigs at EDS:   Thank you to the Medas team who have demonstrated professionalism and dedication throughout the length of the agreement. We are … Continue reading

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Ooh! Pretty!

Seriously nice graphics over here.

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