Yet More Stuff to Buy

I cooked my first proper meal in my new place last night. Yes it’s been over a week since I moved in but I’ve never been into cooking and I’ve been surviving on toast and the fact that John and Marketa seem determined to feed me whenever they can.
So anyway. I made myself Pasta Bolognese. It’s not until you actually start that you realise there are still things you need.
"I’d better stir that meat now", I thought. "Let me get a wooden spoon out. Oh.". No wooden spoons.
"Now I’d better drain the pasta. Let me get my colander. Oh.", came later. No colander either.
The list of things you need to buy is phenomenal! And most of them, you don’t think about until you need them, because they’ve always been there.
Or maybe it’s just me.
Yes I know this is yet another house-related post. I’m sure I’ll be back to coding stuff soon.
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