About Time Too Times Two

Okay, okay. I know I’ve not been blogging but I’ve been a busy boy. Just moved in to my new house for starters and have been busy trying to come to terms with all the stuff I own plus all the new stuff I need now I’m in an unfurnished flat for the first time.
The other About Time, though, is that we’re about to get Visual Studio 2005 at work. This comes after months of a) "You can’t have both 2003 and 2005 on the same machine" – yes you can, I do it at home
b) "You don’t have enough disk space" – yes we do, we’ve over 10GB free and it only takes 1 or so
c) "There are more important things for us to be doing" – maybe, but for 8 months?
…and other assorted excuses from our esteemed friends in the network department.
Anyway. It’ll be worth it now I get to play with all the new stuff… that is, investigate it for its applicability to our core business processes.
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