Back daan saaf

Apologies for the lack of posts in recent days. While I was at home over the weekend I didn’t have internet access, and then I was so tired yesterday that I really couldn’t be bothered doing much of anything.
Exhausted by a trip to my parents? Well yes. The problem is the cat, Woodbridge. He’s really not happy living at the temporary flat and kept everybody up on Saturday night by yowling all night long. I don’t think I got more than about 3 hours of sleep.
Anyway. It was lovely to see my new neice, Ellie. Here’s a picture of her in mid scream with Helen and Jon. Not the best quality as it was taken with my mobile phone.
One more day off work, that’s largely going to be spent having a clear out. Back to work tomorrow, where it seems there’s an awful lot of flappnig going on.
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