ASP.NET Gripe #3

Kevin got me going on this one in the comments to an earlier post. Basically, the editor for ASP.NET has a configuration option that allows you to turn its automatic formatting option on and off.
Except it doesn’t.
The two settings should be named "Always" and "Whenever I feel Like It".
This has only caused me minor problems. Sometimes when I’ve dropped a new element onto a form I switch back to the HTML view only to find my beautifully-indented HTML has now been totally screwed up and reformatted. Also, I’ve been doing HTML as XHTML for a while now, and VS.NET 2003 doesn’t understand this. All my careful <input … /> tags lose the terminating slash; same for <br/> etc etc.
Kevin sounds like he’s having even more problems. This is the sort of thing that drives programmers mad!
Microsoft: if people have turned off the auto format option, that means you don’t change their code under any circumstances! Understand?!
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1 Response to ASP.NET Gripe #3

  1. Kevin says:

    Yes – the only way to take control it to give up on the designer, and open files inside text mode without any interpretation (which I have set as my default). But you lose all the designer advantages….BTW – I am told there IS a way of taking control of how the xml is parsed by the xslt in 2.0, one of the overloaded methods where you pass in your own rules…. A lot of work just to get it to do what it should do in the firs place…

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