By George! I think he’s cracked it!

Let me begin my stating that I’m absolutely positive that there are going to be bugs in it, that bits will just be plain wrong and that other things will take the shine off. But right now, it’s done!
I’ve finally finished the translation of the form I’ve been working on. Actually, "Form" doesn’t do this thing justice. It’s a hideous mass of business rules and dependencies that, in previous versions, has been written largely in JavaScript because of the problems shuttling stuff back and forth between ITS and ASP. Converting that lot into vaguely presentable .NET has been pretty darn tough.
On the plus side, it’s now much more easy to understand. The total amount of Javascript has dropped by about 85% and we now have lovely compiled ASP.NET instead of revolting interpreted ASP. It runs a lot faster than before and is a lot easier to understand.
I just moved it on to our UAT system so testing will begin soon. I’m going to be doing a lot myself, though, because there are almost certainly still bugs in there.
For the moment, however, I’m feeling happy!
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