Pointless Meeting Shocker

Yesterday we had a meeting with our Director of Finance (currently in charge of our part of IT because nobody in their right mind would want to be our Director of IT). The agenda for the meeting was:

  • Morale and how to improve it
  • Service Delivery
  • Risks Register
  • Highlighting work issues
  • Working closer with all teams

Unfortunately, it went the way of most meetings of this type, with the director doing most of the talking, one team member spouting irrelevant stories (nobody cares whether or not we pay rent for the building!), two out purely for self-interest, and most of the rest in differing states of unconsciousness. The upshot of this was that a lot of serious points didn’t get made. My good chum Chris, for instance, couldn’t mention that whenever he goes on holiday he gets rung because he’s the only one who understands Notes. Neither of us could mention that the dearth of interesting work is the major factor behind low morale. And there were other problems we couldn’t mention because… well lets just say that We Had A Problem in the meeting.

I suppose it was vaguely useful in the the director left with no doubt that people are pretty depressed with things at the moment, but I doubt we’ll see anything actually done.

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