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Chemists! Get a move on!

Last night I felt like I was coming down with something and sure enough, this morning I have a cold.   Now I know the explanations for why we’ve not got a cure for the common cold yet, but come … Continue reading

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I can still be impressed

Remember what it was like when you used to gasp in astonishment at new programs? I still recall seeing Windows 3.0 and being amazed by how good it looked. The WWW with graphics for the first time was another one, … Continue reading

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Pointless Meeting Shocker

Yesterday we had a meeting with our Director of Finance (currently in charge of our part of IT because nobody in their right mind would want to be our Director of IT). The agenda for the meeting was: Morale and … Continue reading

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Mental Image of the Day

There was a fire at my parents’ house this weekend while they were away. Luckily, the cat-sitter came round to feed their cat, Woodbridge, and called the fire brigade on finding the place full of smoke. That’s not the mental image … Continue reading

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Data Access in C#

I know, I know. It’s been far too long between posts. I’d like to claim that this is down the me being really busy crafting a superb, enterprise-scale initiative that will revolutionise the computer world, but it’s just that I’ve … Continue reading

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