World’s Most Useless Colleague

One of my colleagues is possibly the most useless co-worker in the world.

Not useless in terms of screwing things up; not useless in terms of being a pain to work with; just useless in the sense of having no observable use.

She’s currently sitting and staring out of the window by her desk. In a minute or two she’ll stare at her desk and start playing with something, or some such other useful habit.

To be fair, she doesn’t actually have any work to do but that’s only because she doesn’t have any of the talent required to do the work she’s supposed to do. She’s our "MS Apps Developer" and is supposed to write and support small Access and Excel systems. In practise, when she has to do this, she’ll ask one of us for help (effectively to do it for her) and if she gets a response that you don’t know or don’t have time, will simply reply "Well I don’t know" and pout until you eventually take pity.

Even better than that, she actively refuses to do anything when asked. She gets away with "Only if I want to do it" when told she might be getting some new work in the future.

Why is she allowed to get away with this? Well our boss isn’t much more use to be honest.

So does anybody else work with someone like this?

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