Modern Youth

I’m going to sound like such an old git for this, but having just spent a few minutes clicking around some of the other Spaces I feel completely justified in saying it.
Stop using Mobile Speak on the Internet.
Leaving aside for a moment that most recently-updated blogs seem to be by people between the ages of 12 and 16, there are far too many blogs written entirely wtht vwls.
Children, children. Listen to those who know better. It doesn’t make you look cool. It doesn’t make you look clever. It makes you look like a bunch of uneducated pillocks who can’t spell and want to conceal the fact.
It’s one thing on SMS messages – you’ve only got 160 characters and you don’t want to spend too long typing – that’s fine. It’s another on the Internet. You have a whole keyboard. You have time. You have space.
Spelling is still important. Write your CV (resumé if you’re American) in mobile speak and you’ll just get the respose: lol!!!!!!!!!!!!
One exception I found was James’ Famous Quotes, to which I felt obliged to add a few entries…
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1 Response to Modern Youth

  1. Mike d. says:

    I couldn\’t agree more! unless there are lots of teenagers writing spaces using only the numberpad, or maybe they doit to hide bad spelling ( as you say). There is a saying " if you\’ve nothing to say, then don\’t say it", that applied ot many blogs too. My pet hate is "lol" though.take care

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