This is why

To start with, let me apologise for any spelling or grammatical mistakes that might appear in this post: I’m pretty drunk and that’s why.

Why am I drunk? Well Liverpool have just pulled off the greatest comeback in their history (as far as I’m concerned).

We were 3-0 down at half time, and didn’t look as though we were capable of doing any bloody thing about it. We were rubbish. We couldn’t pass, we couldn’t control, we couldn’t go forward and we were rubbish going back. At half time the consensus was that we had to go all out and if we lost 8-0 at least we’d have given it our best shot.

Cue the second half.

Everything we’d done badly in the first half we did well in the second. World class players on the Milan side were made to look like amateurs as we tore them apart and scored three goals without giving Milan a chance to get anywhere near our goal. The players that had, seemingly, confirmed our worst suspicions in the first half revealed their best qualities in the second: Traore went from muppet to puppet master; Alonso went from invisible to invincible. Nobody disappointed.

The atmosphere in the pub went from funereal to ecstatic as the second half goals went in. It started with a "Well at least we’ve scored" type celebration through "We could bloody do this, y’know!" thence to "We ARE going to bloody do it!", by which point total strangers were hugging and kissing with no regard to gender or intervening furniture.

Extra time was a real test. It was obvious that the adrenalin rush had worn off; the players on both sides were staggering around the pitch, barely able to move let alone create. Liverpool were worse in that regard, but still managed to get bodies in the way. If we’d had one fresh midfielder, we could have got the ball to Cisse and sealed it, but as it was, penalties became inevitable and the rest is history.

My journey home from Ealing to Crouch End was great as other total strangers came up to offer their congratulations.

But to be honest, everything has only just sunk in, thanks to the scrolling news bar at the bottom of the screen on Sky Sports News. For the first time in my memory it shows only one story, and that is:

Liverpool Win Champions League

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