More Ways to Waste My Time

The Sims 2 is a great game, made even better when you extend it with the University upgrade pack, but I felt there was something missing from my life. Friends? Exercise? A girlfriend? No – a good football management game.

I was a big fan of Football Manager on the Spectrum (does anybody remember that? All written in BASIC!), then moved to Premier Manager on the PC up to PM98, by which time it had got a bit rusty. Thence to Championship Manager from the ’00-’01 version until CM4, but CM4 was getting a bit out of date for my liking, and I’d never been a fan of the way it made my Athlon 64-based PC look like an old XT.

So onto Amazon to buy CM5 (I’m a sucker for an ad campaign sometimes). Or so I thought.

I usually read the comments people have made before buying on Amazon as they’re often quite informative (although you sometimes have to wade through the "Byu it!!! Its grrrreat" style ones too). In this case, everybody seemed to be saying "Well it’s not too bad, but Football Manager 2005 is by the previous authors of CM and it kicks CM5’s ass". Fair enough, I thought, and went for FM2005 instead.

The good news? It’s a great game. Very much in the vein of the old CM series, but with almost all the rough edges filed off – and it goes at a decent speed too.

The bad news? More evenings wasted in front of the PC wondering how in the name of all that’s Scouse Igor Biscan gets to be worth £20 million!*

* In a previous version, Igor got to be worth £27.5 million. If only… if only.

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