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This is why

To start with, let me apologise for any spelling or grammatical mistakes that might appear in this post: I’m pretty drunk and that’s why. Why am I drunk? Well Liverpool have just pulled off the greatest comeback in their history … Continue reading

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More Ways to Waste My Time

The Sims 2 is a great game, made even better when you extend it with the University upgrade pack, but I felt there was something missing from my life. Friends? Exercise? A girlfriend? No¬†– a good football management game. I … Continue reading

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FA Cup Ramblings

Congratulations to Arsenal, commiserations to Manchester United (although with a slight smirk because I’m a Liverpool fan). During the match and in this morning’s news we have the usual nonsense about "Man U deserved to win", because they played better. … Continue reading

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If Anybody Cares, Why???

For my first code-related post, here’s a fairly esoteric pain in the ass. Why is the .NET function string.EndsWith(char) an internal function that you can’t use in your own code?? The reason I find this particularly annoying is that the … Continue reading

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Democracy Day

Personally I’ll be voting Lib Dem, but as long as you go and vote, I’ll respect that. Unless you’re voting Tory. Also, if you live in another country I’ll probably think you’re a bit strange because you don’t have elections. … Continue reading

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Feeling Guilty on Reflection

After tonight’s game I rang my dear, Chelsea-supporting friend Warren and pretended to be a potential client for his consultancy. As I’m feeling a wee bit guilty about that, please visit his Aumworks site and, ideally, buy something from him. … Continue reading

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Notes Bloke – Hi Chris!

My last post got a comment (and I’m sorry I can’t work out how to get links to comments or previous blog posts) from "Notes Bloke". I have a feeling it was from my dear friend Mr Chris Clayson, who … Continue reading

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