Unhappy but Relieved

My beloved parents bought me The Sims 2 for my birthday yesterday. I was a huge fan of the original and spent far too much time improving the life of my sims rather than my own.

The tutorials ran okay, but there was the occasional unexplained pause of about 30s. I put that down to BOINC being naughty so stopped that and tried again. Same thing. Okay well let’s just play the game. Total death. My graphics driver crashed. The Microsoft Error Report thingie suggested I installed the latest driver. Now Nvidia have never really got the hang of install programs. You have to remove all traces of the previous drivers before installing new ones. Anyway. Did that, installed the latest drivers and also installed the latest Sims 2 patch.

Same result.

So. I’m really annoyed that I can’t play what certainly looks like a great game, but at the same time I’m slightly relieved that I can’t spend the hours and hours that I’d otherwise use playing it.

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