Hollywood Hatred

Intrigued by an article on Louisa‘s blog in which she said Ladykillers was the "weirdest stupidest" film ever, I commented asking if she meant the original or the remake. Imagine my horror when she posted back saying she didn’t even know there was an original!

Ever willing to perform a public service, here are the details on the IMDB. It stars Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers and was a classic Ealing Comedy. Why there had to be a remake, I don’t know.

True, there have been one or two remakes that were better than the original; the 1941 Maltese Falcon is better than the 1931 Maltese Falcon (although even the first is bloody good). But recent attempts like Get Carter and The Italian Job have been pale imitations of their respective originals.

I’ll admit that the remakes bring great originals to a new audience, but that new audience should really take the time out to watch the originals too.

Oh and Louisa? If you haven’t seen Casablanca yet, I really recommend it!

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