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Liverpool can do it now!

Great performance by the Mighty Reds last night! Everybody played well, with the usual exception of Harry Kewell, and we probably deserved to grab a late goal. If we can produce something similar back at Anfield in a week’s time, … Continue reading

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Simming At Last

Got it working! (The Sims 2, that is). I loaded up and before it crashed, turned all the detail options to minimum. I dare say that’s going too far, but better safe than sorry. Well I know what’s going to … Continue reading

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Supposed to be on holiday!

It’s pissing it down outside, it’s cold and there’s lightning. So: no sitting outside in the sun. Plus I’ve dealt with one code problem from Work and another from an old chum. Since almost all the elements on this week’s … Continue reading

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Unhappy but Relieved

My beloved parents bought me The Sims 2 for my birthday yesterday. I was a huge fan of the original and spent far too much time improving the life of my sims rather than my own. The tutorials ran okay, … Continue reading

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Politics has gone Mad

…and this proves it!

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Defection or Defective?

So Brian Sedgemore has defected to the Lib Dems. That’s obviously good news for my party of choice, but you have to say that the guy looks more like an old history teacher than a serious politician. He’s also got … Continue reading

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Hollywood Hatred

Intrigued by an article on Louisa‘s blog in which she said Ladykillers was the "weirdest stupidest" film ever, I commented asking if she meant the original or the remake. Imagine my horror when she posted back saying she didn’t even … Continue reading

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